A Day Like This.

Ever had a day like this?  

The children had gone to play outside and I was doing some light cleaning in preparation for lunch time.  And I came across this.  

There are 3 staff in our room and 12 children.  Toddlers that is.  I know, I know we were out numbered but we were in ratio!

But I still had to shake my head and wonder how,  and when did this uh, er....accumulation happen?  It must have been those happy and busy little girls who were playing dolls and playing kitchen and playing at the loose parts table and playing with puppets....
So the discussion came up in our room today, now that this "event" is in the past about how best to handle this occurrence. 

What would you do?

Back in the day, when I was a younger less seasoned caregiver, I probably would have not let this uh, gathering happen at all.  To be honest.  I would have probably have said this is not how these toys are to be used.  

But with time and age, comes wisdom.  Thankfully.

 When I saw this little pile up of items, I couldn't help thinking of Bev Bos.  She is quite a lady.  She has been in childcare for 40 years and is a HUGE advocate for children and playing and play spaces, and wonder and discovery and experiences for children.  Here is an interview that I came across.  Make a tea first, it's a little lengthy, but worth it!

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