We went walking and what did we see?

Our daycare is located on a University Campus.  The grounds are kept so well and I notice that students love seeing the children as we walk by.  We try to go out at least once a day and on nice days go out multiple times.

  Someone once said that, "An apple a day, keeps the doctor away."  Well I think the smile from a child is just as good for overall health.

The little fellow on the right waved at everyone we saw.  Many students waved back or smiled or said hello...even in Chinese!

This was the beautiful view if we looked up.

This was the beautiful view if we looked down.

This magpie was squawking and hopping around, so we stopped for a while and watched.  Then it was time to head back to our daycare yard.

The late fall sun was still shining down in the yard just a bit.  Just enough to make everything look beautiful.

We played in the mud kitchen for a bit.

Could be a bowl....or could be a hat!

We walked up the hill.

And carefully navigated our way down again.  I love that our yard has challenging grades for the children to negotiate.  There was some risk involved with coming down the steep part of the bank, but he confidently and carefully makes his way down on his own.

He went up the ramp.

And down again.

She was content to sit on the timber at the bottom.

We played peek-a-boo.  First this way.

And then this way.  I wish you could have heard the laughter.

We made music with a ladle.  Water bottles make a lovely chiming sound.

Making music together.  Oven racks make a gentle sound also.

Then, it was time to go in for a snack.  

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