Wet Felted Playscape - Apple Trouble

Apple Trouble is a lovely fall tale about a little hedgehog who gets into  trouble and enlists the help of friends to get out of it.  It is most suitable for 3-5 year olds but could be easily adapted for 2 year olds.  A nice feature of a playscape is that you Tell the story so you can make it longer or shorter as needed.

Hedgehog had just finished building her winter nest.  Not too large and not too small.

Just right for a nice long winter sleep.

Suddenly a juicy red apple landed on her back from a nearby apple tree.
"Ouch" squeaked Hedgehog.

Hedgehog tried to get the apple off but couldn't.  Squirrel tried to get it off too.  He pushed.  And he struggled. And he heaved.  And he tugged....but the juicy apple stayed where it was and so did three of squirrel's brown nuts.

"Try rolling on your back," snorted Pig.

Hedgehog did, but now she had a green pear and crumbled brown leaf stuck on her back too.

Then a piece of colorful piece of paper drifted down from the sky and landed right on her back as well.  "Oh no!" she cried.

She pattered to the pond and gazed at her reflection in the water.

That's a lot of stuff on your back," croaked Frog.
"Dive," said frog.  "That will wash it off."

Hedgehog dipped a foot in the murky water, then dived.

Glug, glug, glug, gurgled Hedgehog. And a pink water lily got stuck on her back.

In the end, in a last attempt to get rid of the things on her back, Hedgehog runs through a hedge but acquires four ripe blackberries.  However, on the other side of the hedge is Goat.  "Ooooh!" You've brought LUNCH!"
"Help yourself," said Hedgehog.  "Take it all."

When Goat was finished eating, Hedgehog felt light as a feather and ran as fast as her little legs would carry her home to her nest.

It was the best nest ever.  Outside the cold wind blew another apple off the tree.  But it didn't fall on Hedgehog.  She was safe in her nest and fast, fast asleep.

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