One of my Favorite Things.

I love beeswax candles!  Love, love, love!  I probably will never buy any other kind of candle.  Beeswax candles are the best option, I believe, because they burn cleaner and much, much longer.  They are also so naturally beautiful and the heavenly honey smell is so sumptuous!  

Today I splurged and bought two 6" Pillar candles.  I had to stop myself from walking around the store smelling them.  Really.

This evening is one of those calm, relaxing times that lends itself to candle burning.  I saw a lovely idea on Pinterest recently and actually took the time to make it!

I placed tea candles in the jar.

A jar.  Some fall leaves.  And Modge Podge.

Easy and beautiful.


  1. Beautiful! We did this with the seniors but it didn't turn out quite as nice. Winnipeg has rather crummy leaf choices. And we didn't have any beeswax candles...

    1. I wonder how tissue paper would work. Could look pretty too, but not quite the same experience with nature I guess.