I Wanted to Play.

In the building where I work there is an Infant room, a Toddler room and a room for 3-5 year olds.  One morning I was on the early shift, which is rare these days, as I am currently in a part-time support position, and it starts a little later in the morning.  And which, I might add, I love very, very, very much.  I don't love the smaller paycheck mind you, but you know, "ya have to take the good with the bad," it seems!

Well, as I was setting up the room and working on early shift tasks, I got to see some of the "play invitations" in each of the rooms.

In the Infant room.

The infants are exploring light.  We like to keep the main lights dim, especially first thing in the morning.  It makes the light rope so effective doesn't it?

We have also provided a mirror and some shiny metal "loose parts" for them to use as they wish.

I saw this in the Toddler room.

This inviting felted playscape is set up on an over-turned shelving unit.  It makes a nice platform for the Toddlers to reach all the wild animals.  That's a lynx up on the huge rock.  And there were pine cones.  Natural, organic play ideas.

I saw this in the 3-5 room.

A Rainbow Salt Tray.  I wanted to touch it.

Soap.  For grating and brushing and touching and smelling.

Beautiful.  It called to me.

And this.  Baking soda and vinegar.  It beckoned me.

I wanted to stop and play.

But I had work to do.

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