Loose Parts in the Infant Room.

We are using loose parts in the infant room.  We have had the same choices out for a long time, as in months. It is interesting to watch the children continue to use the same items in many, many different ways.  They seem to keep inventing new ways to play with them.

Sometimes I see them using the items for pretend play.  Like pretending to drink out of a cup or a napkin ring.  Today I saw someone pretending to give their dolly a drink. The younger infants manipulate the objects and put them in their mouths.

We want to use items made of natural materials instead of plastic.  


Invitation accepted.

These blocks are often used for peek-a-boo games, for mouthing, for holding, for moving, for lifting.


The yellow doily can be found all over the room.  



More play.

Remember seeing the brown bowl on the yellow doily earlier?  That is one of my favorite parts of LOOSE parts.  You can set it up differently every time and it looks new and special each time!

The gold lids here....

Or here.

I like how she hung a metal cup on the end of each finger.  It seemed like she liked how that felt.

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