Remembering, Today.

I have heard lots of stories about family past (on my side) who were involved in the war efforts.  I didn't know any of them personally because my parents grew up in South Africa and then moved to Canada where I grew up..  But I have the stories.  And the stories are important to know and remember.

And I have this story too.   About this father-in-law.

He was a young man, barely turned 18, when he enlisted.  
I, of course, only knew him many years later.  I know that while he was proud of his service, he seldom talked about it and there was a huge cost to his health.  The short story is that he was on a dialysis machine for 17 years before he passed.  

He passed on a strong legacy of Christian values to his children and 

Thank-you Grandpa Miller.

We're thinking about you today.

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