Making a Dinosaur Home.

My sweet little grand-daughter had a great opportunity this week-end. She and her family, including her special Auntie, went to a garden center near them, that works very hard to promote their center and help folks not only learn about gardening but to also develop a passion for gardening.  

This particular week-end they invited children to come and create a dinosaur home.

For Free!  Is anything in this world free anymore!

They were given clay pots and with a helper, filled them with soil, and moss and succulents and two dinosaurs. And rocks.....I made the mistake of calling them stones, but she corrected me.

When they got home they decided to extend the play and make a larger dinosaur home in their bin.  

Her Mama wisely decided to include her in the setting up process because she has strong and distinct ideas and is a great Player!!

Material and a felted Play Mat is on the bottom.  She wanted the wooden trees and bushes in the water.  They had large stones and small stones.....and lots of beautiful mardi gras necklaces.  They look so colorful don't they?

The baby wants to go for a piggy-back ride.  Of course.  It's what mama's and babies do.

After playing for a while she figures out how dinosaurs walk and imitates that.

I love the imaginative play that includes open-ended toys and loose parts.  

Mama doesn't hold out much hope that the succulents will survive but time will tell.

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