A Farm Playscape - Part 1

One day I decided to make a Farm play scape to use in my Group Time for the toddlers.  Instead of wet felting it I went to the Thrift store and bought some dear lady's wool coat.  I took it home, placed it in a mesh bag and washed it in hot water.  And then dried it in the dryer.  What resulted was a felted and shrunken coat!!  Then I proceeded to cut it up in the shape I wanted for the farm.  To embellish it I used my felting needle, some foam and some roving.

I made a little mud puddle for the pigs.

A pile of hay for horse, cow and donkey.

Some grass and flowers.

Some more flowers on another corner.

And a pond.  With a lily pad.  The pond was made from a blue piece of felt I had so I used roving on the edges to join the blue felt to the playscape. 

I like to keep things simple you probably noticed.  It works for me and the toddlers are very accepting.

The finished product. 

I bought the little barn at the thrift store for $2.  

The roof flips up and I can store the animals and the playscape inside.

The toddlers love packing it up and carrying it around!  

Stay tuned for Part 2!

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