A Leaf has Fallen

I found one of these on the lawn today.  I have to admit that I don't mind the onset of fall weather.  I think overall it's my favorite season.

In our fair city the weather is still hot in the day, especially in the afternoons.   But I am noticing the temperature falling in the mornings and evenings.  

With the ushering in of the fall season, I wanted to show you some little 
needle-felted dollies I made.  I just put these out in the daycare room for the children to play with at will.  

They have little leaf beds to sleep in. 

For the beds I wet-felted some roving together to get the nice variegated colors.  I cut the shape I wanted and sewed the leaf bed together using a blanket stitch. 

Toddlers love to put things in and out, I've noticed, and they can do so independently with these leaf dolls.  

I made the dollies by needling a little batting ball for the head.  Then I covered the head with a larger, square piece of batting that I then gathered at the neck and needled to form the body.  I choose a roving color for the face and clothes and needled into place.
For the hat I sometimes use a piece of pre felt, which I did in this case.  Or wrapping some roving around the head and needling to form a pointed hat works also.

Happy First Day of Fall!

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