The Richness of a Childhood Space.

"This time in their lives is just a whisper, a brief moment, in which they can enjoy the richness of a childhood space." 
Bev Boss

I saw this Bev Bos comment and it brought up a lot of thoughts for me.  Bev is someone who has put a tremendous amount of thought, work and passion into creating a rich childhood space for the children in her care.

 Last year I was working in the toddler room and as a staff, we remarked more than once how quickly the littles pass through our care and graduate into the 3-5 room.  This year I am working in the infant room and the same thing is happening.  The littles grow and change every day it seems!!  It makes me realize as an Early Childhood Educator that I have a big responsibility.  A responsibility to remember that I have these littles in my care for just a whisper of time.....and what am I doing to create or contribute to a rich and beautiful learning environment?  
Creating a rich childhood space means different things to different people.  

For me, and what I'd like to share on this post today, is that even though the time we spend with the infants and toddlers is limited, it is really important to find a methodical and gentle rhythm that flows with what is happening for them developmentally and for what is happening in their world.  Go s-l-o-w-l-y. I've noticed that sometimes we get so excited about a new season that we bring pumpkins or colored leaves into the classroom before that is even happening outside.  Young children who might be experiencing their first or second fall Ever in their life, don't have a reference point for what they are seeing. 

So I need to look carefully at what is actually happening outside and thoughtfully share that with them. To try and be in the moment, so to speak, and not race ahead to what's coming but not here yet.  

How effective is it to match the colors that are predominant outside with inside color?
Right now gardens are being harvested and grasses are drying into golden yellows.   The leaves are just beginning to turn.
So what color cloths or silk could I bring into the room? 
How about a vase with some of the dried grasses?  Or a basket with fruit or veggies for the littles to touch and smell....and taste?  And how awesome would it be to visit the garden with them and pick the grasses with them before bringing them in.

It is so nice to experience the outdoors and the embrace the changes of a new season as it happens.

This is my sweet grand-daughter.  Enjoying the richness of a childhood space.

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