Small World Farm - Before and After

A Small World Farm

A felted play mat with water and rocks for Mama duck and her ducklings.

A sensory mix of rice, lentils and beans for Hen and her chicks and the Sheep family.

A stable for the cows and horse.  Notice the variegated fabric placed on top of the barn as an invitation. 
Some wooden peg people and a wooden pond with sparkly jewels.

This enticing scene has been carefully and thoughtfully arranged inside a long, shallow bin.  

This was the Before look.  The invitation to come and play.

And play she did.  My two and a half yr. old grand-daughter is a Player.
No doubt about it.

Her dad sent me these photos of some of her play.  "The animals have gone to bed....and so has the tractor," she said.

I noticed that the rice and lentils were no longer in the boxes, so I asked her Dad about that.

He sent me this.

The After.  The "well-played with" look.  Not the end.

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