The Best Cod Burger Ever.

It's been all about the food for D and I this week-end.  Our youngest is away for the week-end playing ball.  D and I took Friday off from work and have enjoyed some much needed down time.  We were going to go away but in the end decided to save the money, stay home and enjoy eating out a bit instead.  In my previous post I jumped right to Saturday morning, going out for delicious tea for me, coffee for him.  And I should wheat-free pumpkin raison muffin and one wild berry spelt muffin.  But this post is not about Saturday morning anymore.  No, I'm backing up to Friday evening.   Dinner out.  I think about it and start salivating. Really.  It was that good.

Someone, somewhere said confession is good for the soul. So here goes. I am sharing a deep, dark secret. I think I am addicted to Cod Burgers.  Not just any Cod Burgers but this one.

See how the cod oozes out the sides, it's because the bun, which is soft and fresh, is small.  I like that.  It means then that it's all about the cod and I can eat it all.  And the coleslaw that is on the burger is a yummy feature.  It's the best Cod Burger I have ever had.  So moist! I think I have had one a month for four months.  When I go out to this restaurant I don't even look at the menu, I already know what I want.  And.....AND, I look at the waitress and say, don't even ask me if I want salad, I want fries!  And hurry up about it.  Well, maybe I don't say it quite like that.

I decided not to put up a picture of the fries because you would all start salivating too and want to race out and get fries and we all know fries are not good for us.

My soul is feeling really good right now, thank you for your understanding.

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