These two.

These two were married on this day, September 28, last year.  

Today in their city the rain is falling and it's foggy and grey.  Last year on this day, however, the glorious sun was shining down on them.  Like a blessing.  The park where they gathered with friends and family was aglow with autumn color.  

This is one of my favorite pictures.

Some of my best memories:

*being there to say, "Yes! To the Dress!"
*getting hair and nails done with all the girls (a rare treat for me!)
*meeting my son-in-law's family and liking them!
*walking through the park, while having pictures done
*witnessing a lovely and unique wedding service 
*gorgeous fall flowers...bouquets and centerpieces
*incredible food at the reception....the best, really
*laughter and tears listening to toasts and seeing childhood pictures
*fun and crazy dancing

They look so happy, don't they?   


  1. Awww! Beautiful words, mum. It was a glorious day, and I love remembering it. So wonderful to have you there. Wish we could be closer.

    1. I love you sweetie.....and the wonderful addition of Yuri to our family. Take care of each other.