Wet Felted Pond with Loose Parts

I love  including ponds on my felted mats!  It becomes a beautiful focal point.  This little pond was made to go along with another mat, based on the story Apple Trouble, (that I will feature on another post) and I made two play mats for that story on purpose so that I could have the versatility of using this pond in different ways.  The finished mat measures
 6"x 6".

Today I want to show you a few ideas that I have come up with in using loose parts and how they can transform a mat so beautifully.  I like to use the thrift store to find items for play.  I can find things that are unique and inexpensive there.  Except for the Schleiss animals, although sometimes I find those those at thrift stores as well.

I added in some stones, chestnuts and and bunch of artificial flowers.  I often present these mats to children in a group time setting, to show them some ways that they could use the mat.  I model this for them many times before I put it out in the room for play. For really little ones, keep in mind what might be a choking hazard, if and when you actually let them play with the mat on their own.   

Then I added in the little felt flowers that I made.  I learned how to make these from Susan Munzer who is so incredibly talented and makes many wooden toys for her story telling.  Check out her book here, if you didn't see the link I posted earlier.

And of course some animals like to come and play at the pond.  
Bunny, Hedgie and Duck.

And squirrel comes too.  He wonders if he can take one of these chestnuts to his nest in the tree.

Perhaps you want to keep it really simple and just have five little ducks come to play!

This is a way to use the mat with just the little ducks that swam away from their Mama!  

Or.....maybe Dog and Cat want a turn on the pond.

I love this little wooden dog and cat set I found.  They can be taken in and out of the boat and the children love to play with them.  Sometimes in group time I will have dog and cat go for a little ride and then they find a place to have a picnic.

Here they found a little wooden bench to sit on.

They have a nice visit with their friends before they hop back in their boat to go home.

I hope you enjoy this post and were perhaps inspired to try different things with your story telling and to use a variety of play items for your children.

Simple is Beautiful!

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