Our Small Kitchen.

My hubby D and I like to cook together when we get the chance. 

 I dream of the day when we have a roomy, efficient kitchen where we can produce delectable and yummy food with ease.  The funny thing is that we have almost always had a tiny kitchen, except for one.  Our very first kitchen was small, very small.  It was in a post-war house that was barely 800 sq. feet. I remember that we had to hold the tape measure kind of slack so that it would have enough square footage to qualify for a mortgage.

We renovated that kitchen and installed a beautiful tall pantry in one corner. The counter space was limited though with about 18 inches on either side of the sink.  I have good memories of that kitchen.  It's where I learned to cook.

Then my next kitchen was in a single wide mobile home.  It also had a small amount of counter on either side of the sink!  We lived there for 13 years.  We pretty much raised our three children in that small space, while we cleared property and built our beautiful timber frame home.

The kitchen in our timber frame was spacious and efficient.  Weird how I always did the majority of my food prep on one little bit of counter.  Haha! Hard to shake a bad habit I suppose.  Here is a picture of that kitchen.


One person.

That is my oldest sporting the cool, camo apron that my son made in sewing class.

Two people.

Three people.  See, spacious and efficient.  That's me of course, in the corner, working away on small bit of counter.

And room for a large table.  Wow, those were the good old days.

But now, for a variety of reasons we are back to a tiny, one bum kitchen.  If you open the fridge nobody can get in.  If you bend over nobody can get by.  I think you get the point.  It's not actually that fun to cook in.  But we do.  Of course.  Whole, clean food is our goal.  One day my hubby D was dreaming of something Italian.   He decided on this recipe here.  It's not entirely a "whole" food recipe but you could switch it up if you are so inclined.

It could look like this.  Theirs. Professional looking.

Or it could look like this. Ours.  Amateur looking.

Either way, it was delicious.  I recommend you try it!


  1. Looks delicious! Hopefully one day soon you will have a spacious kitchen for many bums.

  2. Yes, complete with a coffee bar for our personal barista!