Wet-Felting - A Stump

I had the good fortune of facilitating a wet-felting workshop recently.  I thought I would feature one project, created by one of my co-workers, on my blog today.  She wanted to make a stump and so I explained how she could do that and she rolled up her sleeves (so to speak) and got right to work on it.

 She is needling roving into place.  She is using a foam resist in the center of the stump which will be removed once felted.  Some pieces of foam are inserted between layers to form roots around the stump.


The creating part is so fabulous for me to watch as the facilitator.   I am always amazed by the incredible ideas different people have.


After felting

She took it home and needled some small flowers and also repaired a few spots.

I wonder if some squirrels or a hedgehog are going to come and live in this beautiful stump?

The finished product and I say, "Well done!"


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