The Barefoot Princess.

 On Saturday my middle daughter and her husband celebrated their first anniversary.  I had fun blogging about my fond memories of their special day. And then as mom's do,  I started reminiscing about my oldest daughter's wedding day too.

 I went back through Iphoto and enjoyed pictures of her wedding day.  She celebrated eight years of marriage this summer.  Eight years!  I can hardly believe it. And I can hardly believe I have two married daughters.   Doesn't time seem to roll on so quickly?

  She was married at the end of July and it was a hot, hot day.  

Perfect for bare feet!  She wanted to be comfortable and she was.  

Best friends starting life together.

Young and sweet.  

Choosing love.

You came and opened me
Just like a window pane
You blew right into me

You gave me songs to sing
You gave me dancing feet
You made me come alive

Do You know how I love You so?

You are my summer's day
And sunlight on my skin
Stay here so close to me

Your beauty fills my eyes
So hear me when I say
You're everything to me

Photo credits goes to Renee Skinner,  my beautiful and talented sister.

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