Wet-Felted Pond and Meadow

When I visited my daughters recently I had the opportunity of doing a wee bit of felting.  Always, always a pleasure for me.  One of my daughters best friends had a baby boy and so she decided to felt a jingle ball and I needled this little pond.  As time would have it I just got the preliminary design and needling done, and then she took it to the next stage of felting it, adding in some nature and also some little animals to come and live at the pond.

I love how the silk rippled on the pond when it was felted.

Sticks and stones made it into the toy hall of fame for a reason.  Children always  love to play with them and they are so open to possibility!

"The turtle needs to hop in," says my grand-daughter, C.  "HOP! It's so nice in the water."

The little bunnies like to play in the meadow and hop over the logs.

The bunnies meet their friend turtle at the pond.  Is the water cold, the bunnies wonder?  

This play mat is about 6" x 10"  

C is only two and a half but has been exposed to loose parts and natural toys since she was born.  She is very comfortable moving the pieces around and immersing herself into play.  As her Nana, I am always filled with  wonder at what an incredible learner she is.  


  1. Brilliant! I love your commentary for each picture. I love watching Chloe do free play but also love to see what happens when it is supported by an adult facilitator. Wish you were closer.

  2. I wish I was closer too! Hopefully one day. Thank goodness for Iphones. I love how Chloe loved the turtle and the bunnies and knew that it was nice in the water, almost like she has fond memories of being in the water herself.

  3. brilliant post! and great pictures and video. "tuuttle" love it!